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Our Commercial Brokerage Division focuses solely on providing a full array of services related to privately held commercial brokerage companies throughout the United States. We help our clients successfully address the challenges that are common across the industry ranging from understanding the value of their company, succession planning, strategic planning, partnership structures, to M&A advisory. Our experience of being operators in the industry allows us to bring a unique perspective and understanding of the nuances of the business and most of all, understanding that the assets of the business are the relationship and people of each organization.



With over 50 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, we have operated multi-market brokerage companies, completed over 75 M&A transactions both on the buy and sell side, set up multiple partnerships specific to brokerage services, and have worked with firms in the early stages of starting their business to mature companies.

Our Clients

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Companies

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Commercial Property Management Companies

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Start-Up or Early Stage Commercial Brokerage Companies

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Our technical expertise, superior service, and commitment to excellence has helped boutique and large national firms meet their shareholder and growth objectives. Contact us about our range of quality and supportable services.

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